Service Operation Vessels (SOV) are the most cost efficient maintenance concept for offshore wind farms. The vessels are purpose-built in accordance with customer requirements.

We will find a solution, that suits your needs - as long as it is safe.

What is a Service Operation Vessel (SOV)?

Service Operation Vessels (SOV) are the most cost-efficient maintenance and logistics concept for offshore wind farms.


A SOV from ESVAGT gives you improved turbine availability through its continuous presence at the wind farm, combined with a variety of flexible transfer methods and quick intervention time when needed. The ESVAGT SOVs are designed by the most experienced people within the field, and are operated by the best crew available.


With a documented low fuel consumption, our SOVs can operate in multiple wind farms in an advanced cluster setup. The ESVAGT SOV concept saves valuable time and increases the technicians' effective working hours.


The vessels are purpose-built in accordance with customer requirements, whether that means the size of the workshop or the warehouse, the number of accommodation cabins, or the equipment onboard - we just don't compromise on safety.

ESVAGT FARADAY with walk to work gangway at wind park

We are proud to be your wind partner

At ESVAGT we deliver safety and support at sea.


ESVAGT was founded in 1981, and have more than 37 years of unmatched experience at sea.
We have safely performed over 240,000 transfers by Walk-to-Work gangway and boat solutions.


We focus on quality and safety and provide a wide range of specialized offshore services.


The crew aboard the SOVs are not just better craftsmen, they are carefully selected, innovative, specially trained at other SOVs and highly solution-oriented. They do not falter at a challenge - they find a way.


Our crews have more experience than any other SOV crews in the world. This translates into increased turbine availability and a higher uptime than anybody else.


With our experience, and that of our customers, we provide the best SOV solution in the market.


ESVAGT FARADAY with walk to work gangway at wind park

Higher uptime and availabilty


Wind farm technicians need an optimal platform as a base of operations. An ESVAGT SOV is designed by innovative ship designers, to ensure the best handling of any situation at sea. The SOV hull design significantly lowers the amount of rolling and general impact from nature. With workshops, warehouse and offices, the vessel becomes a fully equipped base at sea available 24/7/365, ensuring that any challenges at the wind farm can be solved fast and efficiently.


The ESVAGT SOV experience starts with the comfort on board, the anti-roll system, which makes it the perfect place of operations and ensures that productivity is always high.


We haven’t tamed the ocean - it just feels like it.

ESVAGT FARADAY with walk to work gangway at wind park


Single cabins with bath and toilet provide rest, peace and privacy, something all technicians crave for after a long day of work on a wind turbine.


The highly skilled chef in the galley offers an international menu made from healthy, nutritious quality ingredients. And should the catering create an extra appetite, you can get right back into shape in the large gym.


There will be no reason for boredom in your spare time on board the SOV. You can enjoy a newly released thriller at the cinema. Challenge a colleague in the well-equipped gaming room or follow your favourite football team on one of the international channels in your private cabin. Choose a book from the library or surf the Internet with a full Wi-Fi connection. Whatever you do - don't be bored.


And when it’s time to go back to work, there are multiple ways for us to get you there.

ESVAGT FARADAY with walk to work gangway at wind park

Enjoy your walk to work

The Walk-to-Work gangway ensures a stepless transfer of personnel and cargo from multiple deck levels to the turbine platform - even in high sea states.


ESVAGT pioneered the SOV concept and our crews are experienced gangway operators, operating several different gangway systems which will, in combination with the vessel’s hull design and manoeuvrability, secure safe, fast and high accessibility to the turbines.

ESVAGT FARADAY with walk to work gangway at wind park

safe transfer boats

Having one or more Safe Transfer Boats aboard the SOV will significantly improve the ability to operate.


The Safe Transfer Boat makes it possible for the SOV to stay at a wind farm for longer periods of time, transferring technicians and cargo safely to and from harbour.


The Safe Transfer Boats come in various sizes and are designed and built by ESVAGT to serve both as Man Over Board and transfer boats. This makes it possible to use them in daily operations together with the gangway system. This combination dramatically increases flexibility and productivity in the transfer of technicians and cargo to the turbines.


Safe and efficient transfers within wind farms with capacity for up to 5 technicians and hand carry cargo.


200 nm operational radius from SOV, Approved to pick up personnel and cargo in port and capacity for 8 technicians and 1t of cargo.


Unlimited operational radius from SOV, approved to pick up personnel and cargo in port, capacity12 technicians and 2t of cargo.

ESVAGT FARADAY with walk to work gangway at wind park

Whatever you want


For us, it is all about understanding your needs. That is why we are building solutions to meet your needs and demands - as long as it is safe.


We would love to work with you and deliver your new Service Operation Vessel solution. With ESVAGT, you partner with a market leader with a long-term perspective. Let’s have a chat about your next wind project, and we will help you find the perfect solution.

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