ESVAGT has been involved in a large number of missions and assistances. From man over board missions, pump assistance and fire fighting to first aid assistance and salvage of drifting vessels. To date 148 persons have been rescued by ESVAGT.


ESVAGT rescue mission of Scarabeo 8

‘Esvagt Aurora’ in man overboard rescue mission in the Barents Sea

Prompt action from the stand by vessel ESVAGT AURORA, rescues man from the Barents Sea. A Scottish engineer working on the rig, Scarabeo 8 in the Goliat sector can thank his lucky stars, and ESVAGT, that he is still alive. Early in the morning of the 20 February 2015, the engineer fell through a hole in the gangway and landed 13,5 metres below in the cold, dark Barents Sea... Read full story.


Saturday evening the above mentioned ro/ro vessel got into difficulty with a severe fire in the trailers on the weather deck, and the crew were preparing to abandon vessel. The position was 50 nautical miles due west of Hvide Sande on the west coast of Jutland. ESVAGT immediately released two vessels ESVAGT OMEGA on station at the South Arne Field for Amerada Hess... Read full story.


On the 22 October 2003 at 05:05 a.m. ESVAGT ALPHA receives a distress call from Cambodian vessel M/S SILVA. ESVAGT ALPHA is on her return to Esbjerg from crew change of ESVAGT standby/rescue vessels with 43 crew onboard. The SILVA carries a cargo of timber incl. a deck cargo. The vessel has a list of app. 35 - 40 degrees due to the deck... Read full story.

ESVAGT rescue mission of WEST GAMMA


On the 20 August 1990 the accommodation rig “West Gamma” was on tow from Norwegian to German sector. Due to heavy sea conditions the tow was lost and "West Gamma" started drifting towards the German coast. ESVAGT OMEGA was released from her standby duties at the Danish Dan Field and PROTECTOR released from the Gorm Field to go to assistance... Read full story.

ESVAGT rescue mission of PAULINE S


In gale force conditions the coaster PAULINE S had suffered severe damages on her hatches and the windows on the bridge was smashed. ESVAGT BRAVO was released from her station at the Tyra Field to assist if necessary.The two rescue helicopters present, was unable to hoist from PAULINE S due to lack of safe hoisting area... Read full story.

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